How to Become Root User in Ubuntu [Beginner's Tutorial]

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How to Remove (Delete) a User on Ubuntu 16.04 | Liquid Web

[Quick Tip] Hide User List in Ubuntu 18.04 Login Screen

Of course you can remove the ubuntu user, just make sure that the new user you created is able to sudo, etc.. All in all it doesn't really matter what your users are called. Services like cloudwatch also don't log into your instance to gain vitals. The instance is a virtual environment, what Amazon exposes is available to them from the host system.

How do I remove a directory in Ubuntu terminal? Type “cd directory” into the terminal window, where “directory” is the directory address holding the folder you want to delete. Type “rm -R folder-name” where “folder-name” is the folder with the contents you want to delete permanently. Ubuntu Linux: Add and Remove Users to Groups the Easy Way Aug 12, 2019 How To Grant And Remove Sudo Privileges To Users On Ubuntu Feb 16, 2019