Oct 21, 2017

Ghost images on the screen. Ghosting is the faint display of text or graphics that remains from a previous page even after you page forward.. If you encounter ghosting of a prior display on your Kindle Paperwhite, refresh the screen. To refresh the screen while reading, tap near the top of the screen to display the toolbar, and then tap anywhere on the page. Newest 'kindle-fire' Questions - Stack Overflow Questions tagged [kindle-fire] Ask Question The Kindle Fire is a family of Android based devices, using the Amazon ecosystem and running their AppStore for … Ask a Kindle Support Question, Get an Answer ASAP!

Amazon threw their axe into the tablet sea Wednesday with the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire. On paper, the Kindle Fire seems like a killer value proposition. For $199, you get continuous computing access to 18 million books, movies, TV shows, music, newspapers, unlimited cloud content storage, and fastest web browsing. And all this … Unanswered Questions about the Amazon Kindle Fire Read

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Following on from the response in my other thread on detecting the compass, I have found out that the following works on the Fire HD (and other devices): deviceHasGPS = getPackageManager().hasSystemFeature(PackageManager.FEATURE_LOCATION_GPS);

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