China's new 'rule of law' in Hong Kong sets stage for new

May 23, 2020 New Draft Law Puts Clean Power at the Forefront of China’s Apr 13, 2020 How China’s new security law is already changing the face Hong Kong: When China passed its new Hong Kong security law on June 30, officials said it would only affect “extremely few criminals.” Less than two weeks later, it’s clear Beijing is trying to wipe away signs of the city’s protest movement from the streets. The law uses vague language to ban subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces, with sentences as long as Under New Security Law, China Opens Hong Kong Headquarters

New UK law could challenge China over Hong Kong, but will

China vows "countermeasures" for U.S. ban on military Jun 30, 2020 China’s new national security law in Hong Kong is already

China Warns U.S., U.K. to Stop Criticism of New Hong Kong Law

Jun 30, 2020 China unveils details of the Hong Kong national security law Jul 01, 2020 China's National Security Law for - The New York Times Jul 01, 2020