Mar 29, 2019 · Type utorrent trackers [month] [year] into a search engine of your choice and press ↵ Enter. Make sure that you replace "[month]" with the current month and "[year]" with the current year (e.g., utorrent trackers October 2017).

NO SEEDERS: The most common issue is the torrent does not have enough people sharing the file … Why is uTorrent so slow? | Yahoo Answers May 06, 2008 How To Make uTorrent Download Faster - Tech Junkie May 03, 2020

Mar 31, 2011 · Slow DL speeds in uTorrent with new 100mbit connection I recently changed my ISP from a 20/2 to a 100/20 mbit connection. My problem here is that with my old 20/2 connection I had a stable DL speed at about 2mb/s with well seeded torrents, but now with my new connection which is supposed to be 5x faster, my DL speeds are unstably jumping

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May 18, 2007 · im so confused, i just downloaded utorrent today and i downloaded about 10 torrents (movies and tv shows) and theyre going ridiculously slow, whats the normal speed for downloading videos and what can i do to speed it up?

How to Increase your uTorrent Download Speed in 2020 First of all launch the uTorrent App in your computer. Now from the top bar select Options and then … How to speed up Torrent speed 2020 - YouTube Apr 15, 2017 Why Is My Utorrent Running So Slow - relademi Thats just extremely slow. . of 40-50 Kbps so I limit my upload at 25 and .Qbittorrent download speeds so much slower than uTorrent. . The ubuntu download is running at less than half the . my slow connection was related to my slow .Utorrent very slow. . My Utorrent speed is . and have been trying various options with PIA / utorrent.