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May 15, 2020 Start-Process (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management The Start-Process cmdlet starts one or more processes on the local computer. By default, Start-Process creates a new process that inherits all the environment variables that are defined in the current process. To specify the program that runs in the process, enter an executable file or script file, or a file that can be opened by using a program on the computer. If you specify a non-executable How To Automaticaly Start A Program Minimized - Windows 10 Jan 04, 2017

The next time you start Windows, the program will run automatically. The installer sets the StartupFolder property to the full path of the Startup folder. If a per-machine installation will be performed, then the shortcut will be available for all users.

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Jul 20, 2017

Oct 16, 2017 How to Change Windows Startup Programs | Techwalla Stop Programs From Starting Automatically: Press Windows-X to display the Power User menu and … How to start an exe in a batch file Apr 26, 2017 How To Start a Windows 7 Program Automatically - dummies If you use a Windows 7 program often, you can have it launch automatically every time you start your computer. Having Windows automatically start your favorite programs for you whenever you startup your computer saves you the time and trouble of starting each program yourself. For example, if you check e-mail and then browse the […]